Nils Anderson

Born and raised in Belgium, I started my creative life as a kid making movies with my friends.

When I was about 14 years old, I also learned to play the guitar from my mother. Having watched her write, sing and performing original songs on stage since a very early age, I also started writing my own songs and performing both solo and in bands.

I went to a filmschool for a few years, where I made my first shortfilm 'Waterkracht'. Later on I became a freelance videographer and director and worked on various projects from music videos to corporate films.

Since 2013 I stepped on a theatre stage for the first time in the musical 'Oliver'. Several productions of musicals (Love Story, Ghost, Sweeny Todd, Catch Me if you can, Chess...), plays and small parts in TV Shows soon followed. 

I recently picked up photography for which I am in a training course now.